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worrier warrior


a fierce worrier

i am guided by the rigours of my devotion

i worry about birth defects of the frog

sabout lost and stolen children great and small

worry about the world’s weary womyn

i worry profoundly

research the details of distress that i may

worry more wisely


the constellations and humours of worry add

dimension to this vast resource i follow down

until i come to its floodplain

in its spongey estuaries one thing

leads ever into another

there is no end to worry


intrepid seeker

i waste not my strength and skill

janitor and avatar of worry i take courage

in the teeth of my fear

magnanimously i worry withholding nothing

faced with diverse ambiguity i worry in obsession

amphibius and ambidexterous my worries breech

all bounds of decorum

i worry sheroically


i sing my myriad muezzin worries from the treetops

beat the bushes for more

listen for a whisper after midnight

catch as catch can

no slacker nor timid

i hone my art against any odd end

patiently i worry in overview and undercurrent

test my strength of will on worries not yet

discovered in our time and

those long forgotten

overlooked by others less devoted or too fainthearted

tireless if there seems no cause for

concern i will wake the dead


the dedicated and true worrier warrior's fiercest trial

in mortal face to face self conquest

golden pathway


i worry about worry

redhanded: a songe forre the loste

 selected poems

 poem ~ line etching

librarianflye onne the walle mudrahe/gemeindes
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