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~ this being a selection of timely and timeless drawings, words, and virtual and imagined points of contact.  for, as the fisherboy in the venerable Dr. Suess's McElligot's Pool says, "who knows what goes on down below...?"  therefore, some further random and companionable laminations, lamentations, and luminations may be called for, here, as still plausible wild-ranging fishes, who do know their onions, afterall.  and, who knows what may---or may not---come of bending the unfamiliar modernday virtual mediums to one's own sensibilities, rather than being bent by them.  imaginable as-pirations and revelations, absorbing books and in-spirations, resourceful humyn beings and other projections, humours and satires may yet be pertinant as lambent backtalk, backwash, hindsight and forethought on behalf of the mysterious, implied, and liminant underworlds and unhumyn languages so necessary for sustainable life and hidden everywhere, in plain sight.  clearly, consentual reality is not all there is to even us ever-too humyn-type beings.

"Always do right.  This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."  ~ Mark Twain

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