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practice ~ experience ~ biography

NOTICE:  all the images and words throughout this website are under copyright.  to take anything from this website for one's own use and purposes is unlawful.  should anyone be inclined to do so, let them be reminded that everything which people other than ourselves are called to make, do, or say serves us far better and abidingly when we use it simply as inspiration toward the strengthening of our own life and work.  when someone takes from my work and life, they are stealing from themselves as well as from me.

FURTHERMORE:  this website consists of but a virtual sampling of active and realife engagement; past, present, and pending.  for actual comprehension, full and active engagement of all the common senses in realife is the goodly endeavor.

" equologye ande applied belligerence"   ~ koreloy wildrekinde~mcwhirter

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