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redhanded: a songe forre the loste

 selected poems

poem ~ line etching

librarianflye onne the walle mudrahe/gemeindeschtunde

war with the ants


shining fervid white hearts inside the dull surface

bleached minds lifted to the great mind

you steal minutely from those who have little enough

diligent exemplary witless work

to dismantle impulsive growing things

to invoke methodical sanctity where it does not belong

a gluttony for rapture and radiant restraint

wilderness and childhood’s purposeless mysteries are

stunted in your absolute adult wideyed adulation

fat and glamourous appears the antkingdom of

heaven between the cracks


these six-legged metaphors are small

so easily squashed under the left hand or the right


a pious multitude tuned to the redeemer’s

motonous channels

you do not hear our screaming beneath the

sermon and the daily word

such noisy divesting of singularity

your saga a lulling paradise to which we cannot aspire

even in dream

i move in silence and downwind


i have raised my eyes to see beyond your reaches

my expendable voice above your constant static hum

my hand to render a more abiding world

no one left behind

even now when i move you would

mumble and pinch my mind into submission

your sacred singleminded lust a mask i know

how the redreemed dread the irredeemable

we keep you holy bartered truthmongers rising

cream of a peerless gated nation


homeless as any airborn virus looking for the host

in the wide iniquitous world

i might have crawled back had you not thrown me too new

to your skindeep demons

your fatted lord hungers as mine is starved

felled and sawn into planks for your creeping estates

shouting in both ears you sweetseeking faithful fed

my much-parabled remains to your bound gaggling larvae

no sanctuary for wild things anywhere

these busy insectuous metaphors could be effortlessly

crushed between the left hand and the right

if i could but find my hands

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