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redhanded: a songe forre the loste

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redhanded:a songe forre the loste


the beautiful rests on the foundation of the necessary

Ralph Waldo Emerson

equology and applied belligerence

kore loy wildrekinde-mcwhirter



line etchings printed on arches cover

text on kizukishi backed with lokta extra thin


lead type

text and poems hand set in twelve point bulmer roman and italic

title, dedication, contents, acknowledgements, and colophon

pages hand set in

twelve point bulmer roman and italic

and twelve point bruce old style

eighteen point bond scrip

twelve point americana

eighteen point liberty

ten point modern italic

ten point typo roman


letterpressed on

der vandercook sp fifteen

# handcrank inking model #


in the years of two thousand to

two thousand and seven and one third

occidental reckoning



kore loy wildrekinde-mcwhirter


hellbendre presse

south toe river, north carolina

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