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 live and learn ~ thus far

james keith mcwhirter, papa
koreloy, paraguay
in formative family, paraguay
fifteen~year~old drawer
playing with bruce
playing with daughters
kore funk mcwhirter, mama
public singing with daughter
birthday drawing in journal
bruce teaching
cd front cover
cd back cover
marrying singing with bruce and don
marrying dancing with bruce
wise~elder bruce
clandestine accordion playing
up a familiarly peculiar tree

~ selected other live and learn experiences, practices, and labours, in the meantime  ~ 1) raising daughters, granddaughters, and several other people, including myself.  ~ 2) giving acapella singing, traditional fiddle, and banjo concerts and learnings with bruce greene, locally and nationally; returning and returning the bodymind's innate and natural voices of drawing, making, and singing to all and anyone within reach from/in whom these elemental common sense capacities have been co-opted/suppressed/thieved.  ~ 3) voraciously reading, writing, and reviewing nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.  ~ 4) handsewing clothing and quilts.  ~ 5) maintaining abiding and mutually sustaining life~companionships.  ~ 6) trying to live small, modestly, and slow as can be, in an immodest and immoderate whirled.  ~ 7) remaining considerately solitary with a deep accordion bewitchment. ~

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