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a realle mensche~papa~grandpapa

a realle mensche~papa~grandpapa

clearlye a bunnyrabbitte babye

babye inne the wildrenesse of love

lettinge go of love

freefloatinge babye who coulde notte staye

mothre mine, i amme sorrye forre youre losse of me ande of alle i amme to you

i amme anne acorne...

peacefulle ande serene inne the palme of the alle-mothre's hande


where there's a wille there's a wheye

nighte novice~moone~whipoorwille

~ "dark brown is the river, golden is the sand.  it flows along forever, trees on either hand.  green leaves are a-floating, castles on the shore.  boats of mine are boating.  when will all come home?  on flows the river, on past the mill, away down the valley, away down the hill.  away down the river, a hundred miles or more, other little children will bring my boats ashore."

~  Robert Louis Stevenson

loste ~ stolenne ~ ande strayed childrenne ~ childhoode ~ ande wildedernesses

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