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~  don't believe everything you think ~


a tilte butte notte entirelye a skewe

a tellinge little brrrde

a silente inquirye

slowe motionne motionne

a wishfulle, wistfulle thoughte

harrowed to a sharpe edge

curiousre ande curiousre ovre yondre

~  "...not a set of fixed definitions but a pulsing network of meaning-by-association...back and forth among words, dowsing for connections...What is lost in lucidity is gained in the strange poetic power of association...language as...a beehive, where words went out and then came back to make honey from the nectar of their exotic engagements....our minds...are also made like beehives---sending...messengers out into the world for nectar, finding it where they will, and making their own peculiar honey.  We cannot police their routes out and back, no matter how we try...And if, over the centuries, the bees buzzing around...sometimes seem like bats winging madly in the belfry, well, that is an association honoured by Shakespeare's sweetest spirit: Where the bees suck, Ariel sings, is where the bats fly, too."           ~Adam Gopnik

auntie pore-NO-graphye ~ freefallenne~womynne  ~  elsewhere ande othre-wise undretidinges ~ the people who discount you, theye don'te knowe who you are; ande evenne un-friendlye sheepe bite the discounted ande the marginalized

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