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some further responses from students, teachers, artists, and other visitors who have viewed the exhibitions of redhanded: a songe forre the loste


Absolutely haunting, beautifully achieved.  I never expected a piece of art to affect me as much as this one has.  –Anonymous


You are an amazing inspiration,  Your work is devastating and incredible.  –Laurel/visitor


Finest line engraving I have ever seen.  Dark.  –F./visitor


hairaising!  what are we qualified to hear?  what are we qualified to learn?  how do i keep going after my eyes are opened?  -l.g./teacher-artist


Thank you for doing all this for the world.  Everything---even the box---is crafted with such epic devotion and so deeply moving.  –Taiyo/artist


Your work has always taken my breath away.  You are an inspiration to those who would otherwise have lost their desire to be inspired.  I hope you continue to sing, on and off paper.  –Staci/visitor


Wonderful!  Every image and words accompanied are so powerful, one can look at them forever.  –Virginia/student


What an overwhelming and encompassing experience…I feel that I entered your world for a brief moment and left stunned.  Your obsessive style is truly inspiring.  –Megan/student


Your work is extremely inspiring to a young printmaker like myself.  Thank you!  -Sara Jaine/student


So, you make me want to make art; that’s the highest praise I have!  Thank you!  -Scott/teacher-artist


I don’t remember the last time I lost myself and fell into another dimension. Thank you. –Anonymous


I have loved every minute of having this show in our gallery.  Thanks for making it available to us all!  -Robert/teacher-artist


Incredible work, also scary, heavy, dark, careful, meticulous, sad, deep, layered; just a few of the words that come to mind.  –Jon/visitor


Such beautifully amazing crosshatching.  I could get lost in the images for hours.  –Susan/artist


I love the fragility of the work on their pages, held by small hands.  What a wonderful detail.  Your etchings are absolutely beautiful.  I love the attention to time that comes out.  Thank you for making this work.  –Jen/student


It’s terrific to see the entire project realized.  Even the tiny hands holding the dowel rods are poignant and strong---like you.  –Virginia/teacher-artist


Thank you for your voice and courage and fierce love.  –Meg/teacher-artist


redhanded: a songe forre the loste

responses ~ other viewers of redhanded

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